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About Eyecandy Inflatables

430 Norfinch Dr., Toronto Ontario, Canada

1-888-335-5632 |

  • Who are we?

    Consider us the ‘Willy Wonka’ of inflatable factories. Backed by a team of workaholic, creative, obsessive compulsive perfectionists; Our goal is to maintain the safest and most creative collection of inflatable supply products for party rental companies and indoor play centers; including bounce houses, interactive inflatables, obstacle courses, jumpers and combos, even inflatable slides and water slides. Eye Candy Inflatables is an inflatable amusement supplier that was born from a need for better product in the inflatable business. Coming from the inflatable rental industry, we knew what we wanted, how we could do it better and that we had the drive to complete the task.

  • Who are you?

    Eye Candy Inflatables designs products for the amusement industry, whether it is a party rental company, resort, indoor play center or other amusement attractions. We can help provide the products for those businesses, which are looking to offer their clients something, better. Some people in our office refer to it as the “Extra”; others call it the “spice” or “icing on the cake”. Any way you say it, you know that you are looking for something better, something different than other companies will have. Eye Candy Inflatables not only provides unique custom experiences, but can also stock you with the most recent trending items so you will NEVER be out of style!

  • Why choose us?

    We are extremely passionate about what we do and we are committed to helping our customers grow their businesses.

  • About Us

    We ‘re fathers and mothers too. That means we don’t make anything that we wouldn’t allow our own kids to play on. Everything is meticulously designed with safety as being the number one priority. When we start our design process, we involve structural engineers to assist us in the process.

    We follow Technical Standards and Safety policies and procedures. Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we are held to some of the strictest safety protocols in the North America.

    We started out designing and manufacturing things that we felt people would love and we test it out in our market first. If people don’t love it, we don’t make it for others. So far we’re batting perfectly

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